The Fierce As F*ck Podcast is an empowerment & business podcast focusing on teaching women how to step out of the fear that is holding them back and to harness that fear to make 6 figure sales.

Amanda King is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach who teaches women to step out of their fear and into their fierceness. She teaches women how to grow their business organically without the use of sales funnels, websites, and email marketing. She began her Coaching Business is Jan 2019 and created a six figure business in three months. She now helps teach women to do the same!

Leaving a Legacy That Transcends Generations

For many of us, leaving a legacy is one of the most motivating parts of building a business...but it’s definitely easier said than done. That’s why episode 62 of the Fierce as F*ck Podcast is all about leaving a legacy that transcends generations...and even transcends our desire for the almighty dollar.

In case this is your first time stopping by, hello beautiful people! My name is Amanda King and I’m an empowerment coach. I believe in going against pretty much what every other coach out there says, and I’m passionate as f*ck about helping empower women to step out of fear and into 6-figure sales.

So if you’re ready to learn how to f*ck fear and build the business of your dreams, this podcast - and ALL of the Fierce as F*ck Brand - is for you!

In today’s episode, we’re specifically diving into the do’s and don’ts of leaving a legacy. So check out my top tips in the three points below, and be sure to tune in to episode 62 of the Fierce as F*ck Podcast to hear even more details. 

Leaving a Legacy, Point #1: Don’t get sucked up in thinking about worst-case scenarios. 

So last December, I was kind of in a funk. And I'm not going to lie to you. It made me panic. It made me worry. It made me spin into a big puddle of self-doubt. It made me lose faith in myself as a coach a little bit. It made me do all of the things that we're told not to do.

And on one of the nights when I couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious, I started thinking about the membership I had launched that past weekend. And in case you didn’t know, I launched a membership site in 2018 at the exact same time in December and I sold zero.

My membership sold zero.

So this was the second time I was attempting a membership and I was f*cking petrified of what was going to happen. I was petrified no one was going to sign up. And it was the scariest moment in my business, which I really believe is what helped catapult these feelings out. I was laying in bed and my head was just going 10,000 miles an hour with thoughts like, “Oh, my God, what if no one buys? Holy shit. What if this is another failed membership? What if I paid all of this money to have this person build my membership, to have the person build the sales funnels, to do all of the things that I haven't been doing, and this literally just flops? What if I don't recoup the money that I paid to have this person create this membership?”

That led me to freaking the f*ck out about the future too, thinking: “Oh my God, what am I going to do next year if this membership flops? How am I going to recoup in 2020? What do I want 2020 to look like? What do I want?”

And earlier that day, I was watching some show on Netflix that was all about how four iconic movies - Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Home Alone and Die Hard- were created. And the film people talked about all of the shit that went through to make this movie happen and paid tribute to the people who’ve passed away since the movie first hit the box office.

So while I was lying in bed wondering, “What do I want 2020 to look like in my business? What do I want to become in 2020?,” I remembered all the people who had passed away from these movies. And the one thing they all had in common was that they left a legacy.

And I realized that’s what I needed to be working toward. Not money, not avoiding failure - building a legacy.

Leaving a Legacy, Point #2: Don’t mistake making money for leaving a legacy. (But yes, girl, you CAN do both!)

That’s also when I realized that my answer to, “What do I want the future to look like for me?” is: “I want to leave a f*cking legacy.”

Sales don’t matter. Money doesn't matter. I want to be the coach that spans generations. I want to be the coach that someone who is in their early 20s and someone who is in their late 70s can relate to. I want to be the coach that literally the day I leave this earth, people stop and say, “Gosh, she was a good f*cking person. She was a good coach. She helped transform lives. She helped people around the world.”

That's what I want.

And as coaches, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the money and in the sales. But let me tell you: you can be a billionaire and you can die and not make a single impact on this world. You can have all of the money in the world and yet never touch one single human being.

But you can also be someone who makes that amount of money and leaves a legacy and quotes and sayings and videos that can be shared from a grandmother to a mother to a child. And of course, we all want to be successful. We all want to be wealthy. But wouldn't you rather be wealthy AND leave a legacy than be a coach who exploded in popularity only to suddenly lose touch with every single one of their clients? 

I’ve seen coaches do that, and I bet you have too. We see them scale their sales to close to a million bucks and then they just lose touch with everyone because they stop focusing on leaving the legacy and they start focusing on how to make more money.

Sure, I wanna make more money. And as someone who’s been a sales wh*re (and yes, I can call myself that), I know what it feels like to be obsessed with sales. I hate to admit this out loud, but in 2019, I was on the verge of burnout and destroying my business, and I didn't even realize it because I was so focused on hitting my next sales goal. 

And for what?

Nothing, really. Because money is not going to bring me happiness and money isn't everything. I would rather leave this world and know that I have helped hundreds upon thousands of women in whatever capacity I can than make a ton of money.

And I want people to be talking about me for years because of the work I did, NOT because of the amount of money I made. Instead of the number of clients I had, I want to be remembered for how I made each and every single person I came into contact with feel seen. Heard. Loved. Supported. Guided.

That's what I really want. 

Leaving a Legacy, Point #3: Questions to ask yourself when planning your next year’s goals.

If you can relate to these feelings and you’re thinking about what you want out of next year, I want you to challenge yourself with the hard questions. I want you to get real with yourself and ask: 

  • Do I want this to be a year where I'm focusing on sales and I'm focusing on money? (Because it can be that year where you literally plot out to the dollar what you make every single month!)
  • Or do I want it to be the year where I focus on creating a legacy? 
    • And if so, ask yourself: How do I create a brand? 
    • How do I become the person that everyone talks about? 
    • How do I become the person that can be shared between grandmother and mother and daughter? 
    • What do I need to do in my business in order to reflect those goals? 
    • How do I need to change? What work do I need to do? 
    • What things do I need to put out so that every single human being who comes into contact with me says, “Holy shit, she has changed my life forever!”?

That's the type of coach I want to be - and you have to decide if you want to be that kind of coach, too. 

And if you decide, “Hell yeah, I wanna have a legacy,” here’s a mantra that I’m telling myself constantly: Impact over income. Once you focus on impacting every single human being that you come into contact with, the income will follow. But if all you're doing is chasing the almighty dollar, you're not making an impact.

Leaving a Legacy with Your Business: The Bottomline 

If this episode has made you realize that you’re making your goals with only income in mind, that’s OK. You can run your business that way...but know that there are other ways to run your business instead. So ask yourself, “Do I want this next year to be filled with sales and dollars? Or do I want it to be full of legacy and love and support and guidance?”

And know that if you prioritize impacting every single human being you come into contact with, that type of sh*t that will make your business expand like crazy. You won't be a coach who does a few years and then falls off the planet. You will connect with clients who will literally stay with you for life because you will always be growing and they will always grow with you. 

I love you guys so much, and thank you for being here with me. Be sure to tune in to episode 62 of the Fierce as F*ck Podcast for even more motivation and inspiration to grow a business AND a legacy at the same time!

And if you love this episode, don't forget to take a screenshot, share it on your Instagram stories and tag me @fierceasfucktribe so that even more entrepreneurs can consider the legacy they could leave behind.

Meet Amanda King

She is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach who teaches women to step out of their fear and into 6 figure Sales . She teaches women how to grow their business organically without the use of sales funnels, websites, and email marketing. She began her Coaching Business is Jan 2019 and created a six figure business in three months. She now helps teach women to do the same!


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