Audacious AF

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We all have an inner voice shouting “Fuck it!” at expectations and standards. An inkling that the rules might just be the things holding us back. Amanda King teaches you to screw the standards and let your inner “fuck it” out for the world to hear.


Are you an entrepreneur trying to make it in the online space? How do you cut through all the conflicting advice and define what success means to you? How do you show up, help people, and make money along the way? And how do you do it all without losing your fucking mind?

Business coach, entrepreneur, and general badass Amanda King has the answers. Audacious AF teaches you how to throw the rule book out the fucking window and start leading your business from a place of authenticity. Outlining the thirteen most important moments of her own personal online entrepreneurial journey, King describes having the courage to leave business norms behind, stand in her own power, and have the audacity to say, “Fuck that shit—I’ll do it my way.”

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Audacious AF

Is a straightforward, empowering guide to being bold in business and unapologetic about who you are and what you bring to your entrepreneurial journey. Throughout, King shares the lessons she’s learned as she went from living life according to everyone else (and being broke as hell while doing it) to saying “fuck it” to everyone’s opinions, stepping into her true power, and creating a life she could have only dreamed of.

So take a deep breath: it’s time to own your shit, trust your intuition, and build an aligned, authentic AF business that lights up your soul, gives you the crotch tingles, and turns you the fuck on. Because when you are turned on, abundance can’t help but gravitate toward you—not to mention your bank account. Buckle up, bitches. It’s time to get Audacious AF

“Peppered with salty language, the book takes readers through the emotional side of business, encouraging them to seek pathways beyond the constraints of self-imposed limitations and the voices of family, friends, and colleagues that can impede progress. . . . perfect for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.”—Booklist

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Who is Amanda King?

Amanda King is an empowerment coach who helps entrepreneurs build an authentic business. In only three years, she was able to grow her brand, Fierce as F*ck, to over half-a-million dollars using organic marketing techniques. After spending many years working in corporate America as a pastry chef, she left it all behind to build her unique brand of ‘blue collar coaching,’ a strong antidote to the glossy #bossbabe entrepreneurship that’s peddled online ad nauseam.

She focuses on leading with integrity, vulnerability, transparency, and most importantly authenticity. She strives to help every entrepreneur find their voice, be bold, and take up as much space as humanly possible in this world.

Amanda currently resides in Virginia with her three dogs and enjoys spending time with her many (seriously, there are a lot of them) nephews and nieces.

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Check out her weekly podcast, Fierce as F*ck, where she teaches millennial women how to have the audacity say "fuck it" to societal norms & live their most authentic lives.

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