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It is my life's mission to help Millennial Women reclaim their sexuality, step into their self confidence, & feel safe being able to express their wants, needs, & desires to the world 

On each of my social media platforms, I focus on empowering women to have the audacity to take up space in this world, to say fuck it to the rules that society tries to push on them, and to be audacious as fuck every. single. day.

I am the author of Audacious AF (more info belowa straightforward, empowering guide to being bold in business and unapologetic about who you are and what you bring to your entrepreneurial journey. 

I want to work with brands that embody strength, vulnerability, body positivity, & inclusion. Brands that empower people to be bold, brave, & to live their most authentic lives. 

Because that is what every single person on this planet f*cking deserves

If this brand is you, check out this page & feel free to email us at fierceasfcktribe.com for any partnership inquiries or fill out the form below  

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Amanda's Mission

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Our mission is to make every single person feel safe enough in their body to be able to express themselves sexually in this world from an authentic place 

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63.2% Female 

36.8% Male

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1,718,503 accounts

21.9% Ages 25-34

25.9 % Ages 35-44

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1,444 accounts reached

24.6% Ages 25-34

37.4% Ages 35-44

23.8% Ages 45-54

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95.1 % Female 

4.9% Male

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89% USA

3% Canada

2% UK 

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"That's why audio porn is so appealing to women because it allows them to create a fantasy that is tailored to exactly what they want, what they desire, with who they desire when mainstream porn is about two characters they have no type of connection to, they have no emotional intimacy with, just having sex"

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