But if you are like most Coaches I speak to, chances are:


→ You absolutely hate this side of your business, the back end is not the fun end

→ You get overwhelmed AF at the idea of even starting to organize your business. Like, what do you do first? 

→ Everything seems super complex and overcomplicated. Wait, click funnels into email sequencing, into automations. What does this even freakin’ mean? 

→ You feel like organization = restriction. You stiffen up even when the world is said 


And if I am really being honest, you find that shit boring as all hell (insert overdramatic yawn here) 

I totally get it.

When I first started my Coaching business in 2019 no one in the online space was talking about how to organize the backend of their business. And if they were, it was full of over complicated funnel systems and automations that made my head spin. Like, good lord batman, could we be any more complicated? 

It left me feeling defeated before I even began. Why did everything need to be so overly complicated? Can’t it just be easy

And the truth is…


It’s not that you don’t want to have your business organized...


It’s just that there is nothing out there that gives you a simple process that you can implement immediately, without all of the overwhelm (we don’t need that drama) I felt the exact same way and that’s why I decided to f*ck what everyone else was doing and create something myself that was: simple. 

In 2019 I started implementing these organization steps into my brand-new business, Fierce as F*ck, and it helped me stay organized AF. Shit didn’t fall through the cracks, I knew exactly what I had to do each day, I knew the steps to get the big projects I wanted finished, it made organization easy and uncomplicated (Can I get an AMEN?)

Imagine being able to have your business more organized? You know exactly where everything goes, where everything is.

Imagine not having everything on small pieces of papers thrown around on your desk. Or in the 13,000 notebooks that you own, each one only partially filled and you have no idea what you put where. 

Imagine having a daily to-do list that keeps your ass on track, rather than wondering what you are supposed to be doing in your business daily and spending most of your day scrolling on Facebook 

That Is Exactly Why I Created



Create and implement a daily to-do list in your business so that you are actually working, growing a business, and creating sales income and not just keeping “busy”


How to plan and batch create social media content for the week so you aren’t glued to your phone 24/7


How to plan out your course flow, your back end projects, and the fun and exciting projects you want to achieve (hello Podcasts & Youtube! Here I come)


A ridiculously simplistic way to keep track of your sales coming in and your money going out. Tax season won’t loom over your head anymore, you will feel prepared and ready 


Learn how to create a work/life balance in your business because what is the point of striving for schedule freedom if all you are doing is working? 

You receive lifetime access to this course, all of these amazing modules, plus a massive workbook all for the price of $555

Be A Boss Bitch


Pay in Full

  • 7 jam packed modules
  • Be a Boss Bitch Workbook
  • Access to the Fierce as F*ck Facebook Community

Be a Boss Bitch


3 monthly payments

  • 7 jam packed modules
  • Be a Boss Bitch Workbook
  • Access to the Fierce as F*ck Facebook Community

Wondering if you are a good fit for this program?


I see you. Let me break down who this program is for:

→ The Coach who wants to get a handle on the back end of her business but wants a simplistic easy to follow method to do it

→ The Coach who wants to stop wasting her time every day on scrolling Facebook and wants an easy simple check list she can follow to make sure she is getting done what she needs to in order for her business to grow

→ The Coach who is shitting bricks during tax season because she has no idea how much money is coming in and out of her business

→ The Coach who wants a simple way to keep track of above so that she feels in control of her financial situation 

→ The Coach who has big dreams and ambitions but needs help on creating a system to actually get her there 

Be a Boss Bitch Was Specially Created For The Coach

Who Is Looking To..


 → Streamline their business

→ Stay organized and efficient throughout the day

→ Figure out their monthly P&L and feel more in control when tax season comes around

→ Who wants to start a Podcast, YouTube station, but wants a simplified way on how to get it done 

→  Find a way to work and play because all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy 


If your answer to all of this is a resounding F*CK YES 



Creator of the Fierce as F*ck brand.

I can not wait to work with you! Here is to organizing the f*ck out of your business and to all the wealth, abundance, and success that is coming your way


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