You are here because you want to understand how the hell to leverage your human design in your business.

You see, so many Coaches get human design readings and expect them to change their entire lives. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty amazing, but a lot of times Coaches leave a reading feeling:

Overwhelmed as hell

Feeling like they now have all of this information on their human design, but no idea how to use it 

Have so many unanswered questions after they have processed the massive info and have no one to ask them to

They are given so much technical information and yet no implementation strategy (like we get you have an undefined ajna, but like how does that apply to your business? How do you use that to get new clients?) 

Holy hell, do I get it.

Human Design is one long ass rabbit hole of information. The second you start learning it, you cannot help but want to dive deeper. You want to know all of the things, but a lot of human design teaches you the what of human design but not the how.

How do I use my Generator energy when launching a program? 

How does my undefined G-Center affect my clients?

How can I use my undefined ajna to help bring in clients on social media? 

How do I use my defined solar plexus to create offers/programs? 

But the truth is…

They never discuss it in regular readings. Regular Human Design readings are pretty generic. You talk about the defined centers vs undefined, the type, maybe sometimes some variables and the profile, but no one ever discusses how to leverage all of this shit so you can make bank 


It’s not that human design hasn’t changed your life, it’s just that you want to know how to harness the power of your human design to create an aligned business, and make some serious cash while doing it. 


Want to know the secret behind owning the power of your human design?!

It’s learning to leverage your type, centers, variables, etc so that you can bring in the right clients, so that you can make sales effortlessly, and you can have fun while doing it 

That is why we created Human Design Consulting Calls, to teach you how to harness the power of your design, how to leverage it, and how to create a truly aligned business 

As if that wasn’t an awesome deal all in it’s own....

After the call you will receive a Roadmap to Success Guide! A Guide dedicated to teaching you how to leverage your human design in your business 



Creator of the Fierce as F*ck brand.

I can’t wait to teach your how to leverage your human design to create a business that is aligned AF.

I can't wait to see you there!