Amanda's Beginners Business Program
(normally $1,555)


Amanda's Mindset Program       (normally $999)


Amanda's Course Creation & Launch Strategy Program
(normally $999)


Your membership gives you access to everything listed above. Every level gives you access to Amanda's pre-recorded, self study courses.

Membership upgrades give you additional access to masterclasses, group coaching and even 1:1 coaching for the diamond level. 

Coaches are overwhelmed when it comes to launching their online business. They are told “You need a website”, “You need sales funnels & opt-ins”, “You need to buy Facebook ads” but that IS NOT the case.

In this self study course you will learn:

1. How to launch your business WITHOUT websites, sales funnels, email marketing, or spending your life’s savings on Facebook ads.

2. How to narrow niche, how to target your ideal client avatar (if you are reading this and saying what the fuck is that…this course is for you), and how to create scroll stopping content that makes you a social media legend.

3. How to ORGANICALLY grow your following using LIVE video and social media to grow your empire.

The course includes 11 pre recorded lessons taught by Amanda & 6 guest expert masterclasses.

We will start by tackling your Mindset…WHY? Because Business is 80% MINDSET and 20% strategy.

No matter how much strategy you have in place, if your mindset isn’t right you will NOT succeed.

In this self study Mindset Intensive we are going to:

RELEASE all of your bullshit baggage that you have been dragging with you from one year to the next <— Leave that shit at the door, hunny, we are moving f*cking forward.

RECOGNIZE all of the fears that are holding you back in your business, learn how to harness them, & use them to make quantum leaps in your life & your business.

REBUILD your self-confidence, self-worth, and have you showing up to your business like the 6 figure earner you want to be.

From Fear to Fierce includes 10 self study lessons taught by Amanda.

Amanda's course all about course creation & launch strategy.

You will learn how to:

  • Efficiently brain storm course ideas
  • Create your course, breaking it down BY THE DAY
  • Properly form a launch strategy that works for YOUR schedule
  • Craft an epic sales pitch
    Schedule and execute all of the pre-work to get your course built
  • Create an opt-in/wait-list
    Identify your ideal client avatar
  • Create freemiums that fill your FB group
    Run your course: evergreen vs life, etc
  • Use tiered early bird pricing & payment plan options
  • Craft your ENTIRE Coaching Package (group coaching, 1:1, etc)

Also included are 7 case studies

Own Your Shit is Amanda's self study course all about using LIVE video in your business.

Included are 10 training videos taught by Amanda focused on the fundamentals of live video, stepping out of fear & polarity in your messaging. 

Upon enrollment of the membership you are agreeing & committing to participating for a minimum of 3 months.

As long as your membership remains active you will have access to all materials, upgrades for your membership level, and any future membership updates.

Upon cancellation you will no longer have access to the founders rate, access to the programs, access to group or 1:1 coaching & if you wish to rejoin it will be for the current rate of the membership. 

Due to the nature of this membership & access to materials & coaching there are absolutely no refunds.


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