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Is a phrase I hear from women every single day. The intimacy has run out, the communication has turned to shit, & sex has become a chore that is avoided at all cost

Sound familiar?

Let's be real here, ladies, you are burnt the f*ck out.

You are:

  • Attempting to be everything for everyone (Mom, sister, Aunt, Daughter, Best Friend, the list goes on and on)
  • Juggling 9,432 plates at one time, you are running your kids back & forth between school, sports, after school clubs. Every second of every day planned down to a "T"
  • Exhausted. You can't remember the last time you had a full night sleep. I mean, does those even exist anymore? 
  • Working non stop to reach that next level in your career. Burning the midnight oil, staying late, spending your weekends behind your computer

Sex? Intimacy? Masturbation? Who has time for that shit?


You've got yourself running raggid, putting everyone's wants/ needs in front of your own, & the only way to get through your survive, is to put YOUR pleasure/desire/wants/needs on the back burner.  

Set time aside for self pleasure time? Ha, ya right, that shit isn't a priority right now. You've got too much to do & not enough time to do it 

You've shut down intimately in order to survive. But now, you are starting to recognize the consequences of numbing yourself this way 

You feel:

  • Disconnected from your body. You avoid the mirror at all cost, you pick apart every inch of your body when you are naked, you are dressing in clothes that are 4x your size to hide yourself from the world 
  • Loss of pleasure. Not just sexual pleasure, but every day pleasures. You can't remember the last time you took time for yourself to treat yourself which is leaving you feel dissatisfied in your life 
  • Lack of intimacy. You crave intimacy, you crave touch & love, but you are purposely starving yourself of it. The cookie jar is right there & you refuse to open it. 
  • No sexual desire. You can't remember the last time you felt turned on. You haven't touched yourself in forever. Your partner keeps asking if everything is okay and you reply "it's not you, I promise, I'm just tired"



  • Your partner to initiate intimacy all of the time, which is leading them to get frustrated because when they shut them down
  • Your partner to make you happy. Constantly expecting them to go out of their way to bring you pleasure, yet you don't even understand what brings you pleasure anymore 
  • Everyone to understand that you can't be everything for them all of the time, yet refuse to set healthy boundaries with them because you "don't want to hurt their feelings"


You are relying on everyone to fulfill you

Harsh Truth Coming...


It's not their job to: 


Find your sense of pleasure 


Make you happy 


Initiate intimacy


Turn you on



It’s Time To F*ck Yourself Again

 Oh yes, you've read that right. It's time to reconnect with your body, your desire, YOU again. You can not rely on other people to "fix" you, to find your happiness, to make you desire again. There is no white knight coming into save you from this. YOU are the only person who can make yourself right with yourself again. YOU have to rediscover what brings you pleasure (sexual & non-sexual), YOU have to reconnect with yourself intimately again (before you can reconnect with your partner), YOU have to f*ck yourself first






Dedicated to teaching women how to step into their self confidence, reconnect with their bodies, & learn to express themselves sexually. This monthly membership includes a database of trainings featuring topics on: 

  • Stepping into your self confidence
  • Upleveling your dirty talk & how to appeal to the female gaze during dirty talk
  • How to enhance your online dating profile to find the RIGHT matches
  • Finding your authentic seduction style, your raw magnetism
  • Spicy video & photo tutorials to make you feel sexy AF & to make your partner beg for more

All of this, for just $11.00 a month. 

Training Example #1

Feel awkward dirty talking/texting with your partner? Let's get you feeling empowered with your dirty talk 

Training Example #2

I know, the word pussy makes some ladies cringe, but in order to connect with our body again, we must reconnect with HER, this training teaches you how 

Training Example #3

5 ways you can start reconnecting with your body starting TODAY. Easy, simple steps you can take daily in order to step back into respecting your body 

Training Example #4

Self conscious about riding your partner? Watch this training for tips, tricks, & reframes to make you feel empowered when on top

Training Example #5

No, you don't have to show up in this world like a porn star in order to feel sexy & seduce someone. Let's chat about sensual sexuality & how to create your own style of seduction 

Training Example #6

Yes, you read that right. There are 7 types of orgasms that women can have. In this training we discuss each orgasm & what you can do to achieve them


It's time to reconnect with yourself again :



30 Day Cancellation Notice

  • Database of over 40 trainings dedicated to helping you reconnect with yourself again 
  • Monthly new training


Amanda King was an empowerment coach who helped entrepreneurs build an authentic business. In only three years, she was able to grow her brand, Fierce as F*ck, to over half-a-million dollars using organic marketing techniques. After spending many years working in corporate America as a pastry chef, she left it all behind to build her unique brand of ‘blue collar coaching,’ a strong antidote to the glossy #bossbabe entrepreneurship that’s peddled online ad nauseam.

After years of putting her business first, she began to feel disconnected to herself & her body. She started her personal journey into rediscovering her sexuality & started sharing her journey with others. She was amazed by the amount of Millennial women who were struggling their self confidence, their body image, & feeling safe expressing their sexuality in this world. 

This is when she shifted into becoming a Sexual Empowerment Mentor.

Amanda focuses on leading with integrity, vulnerability, transparency, and most importantly authenticity. She strives to help every entrepreneur find their voice, be bold, and take up as much space as humanly possible in this world.

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